Find a Gym Buddy

Find a Gym Buddy

Find a Gym Buddy

A lot of us need some encouragement — and sometimes downright nagging — to exercise. This is where a significant other comes in really handy. A January 2015 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine looked at how likely people were to change their habits for the healthier, like quitting smoking, starting to be active, or losing weight, in relation to what their partner did. What they found was that people were more successful in adopting new, healthy habits if their partner did it, too. 
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Why Go To Work?


A job where you get to work from home, lying on your couch, in sweatpants sounds like a dream right? Maybe even the dream? Well, according to recent research, you shouldn’t just be fantasizing about it. An experiment conducted with Chinese travel agency Ctrip found that employees who worked from home were more productive and reported higher work satisfaction than those who worked in the office, the Harvard Business Review reported.
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M.A.C. x Isabel Toledo Is Just as Bright as You Imagined

M.A.C. has a knack for joining forces with the coolest, most creative people from the fashion and beauty world. And its latest collaboration—with Isabel (the woman who designed Michelle Obama’s 2009 Inauguration Day dress) and Ruben Toledo—is no different. In fact, it may be one of the coolest, most creative collections we’ve seen from M.A.C. (and that’s saying a lot). Here’s a look at each and every bold, colorful, smile-inducing piece in the line, which launches February 5.

Perfect Makeup: 8 Super-Easy Steps for Looking Flawless—Fast!

0414-01-flawless-skin-plan_atThe first step of all: Apply a moisturizer with SPF to help concealer glide on smoothly.
Then use concealer only where you need it, like on undereye circles and blemishes, advises makeup artist Ana Marie Rizzieri, who created the look in these photos. Try a creamy formula, like Laura Mercier Secret Concealer, in a shade that matches your skin tone. “Choosing a shade lighter is a myth,” she says. “Too-white circles under your eyes look like you wore goggles while tanning.” Apply in little stripes with a pointed concealer brush. Then blend using your ring finger for the lightest touch, and don’t tug on delicate undereye areas, Rizzieri instructs.