CSA Week 11: A Refreshing Gazpacho Recipe

The share this week was on the smaller side, with one notable exception: We got all of the tomatoes this week! They arrived alongside bell peppers, which were missing last week, as well as cucumbers, which meant that Week 11 of the CSA saw me pulling out a few big batch tomato recipes. But before

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Tighten Lower Abs

If you’re anything like us, having those enviable Victoria Secret Angels’ slender midsection is at the top of your Must-Do-Before-I-Die list! However, despite the numerous crunches, sit ups and miles you jog, you’re still having trouble ditching your lower tummy pooch! The key? Anytime you move your legs, you’re working your lower abdomen, since they’re connected to

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Go Behind the Scenes of Charlotte Tilbury’s Collab With Illustrator Regina Yazdi

When makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury launched her line of beauty products, she also created ten iconic makeup looks that showcase the beauty archetypes that inspired her and her aesthetic over the years. In Tilbury’s latest social-media campaign, the makeup artist highlights these looks and asks her fans and followers, “Who will you be?” Then she enlisted illustrator Regina Yazdi to bring those looks to life. We sat down and chatted with Yazdi, who gave us a behind-the-scenes peek into her studio and creative process.

DIY Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Mineral Makeup

After delving into the world of mineral-based cosmetics, with the hallmark of good natural makeup resting on its simplicity—often composed of five or fewer minerals—I wondered how hard could it be to make my own. So, I decided to try my hand at creating my own mineral makeup. When the film-cartridge sized vials and baggies

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Ask A Scientist: Why Do I Have Sensitive Teeth After Whitening?

The Scientist: Dr. Michael Gulizio, a prosthodontist and professor at NYU School of Dentistry who practices at Core Smiles in Midtown Manhattan. The Answer: The pain associated with teeth whitening is typically due to oxygen molecules that find their way towards the tooth’s pulp tissue, which has blood vessels and nerve endings. Teeth whitening products work by releasing

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Watch 1 Woman Transform Into Taylor Swift 6 Times in 1 Minute

The power of makeup is no joke. We’ve seen one woman use makeup to transform into all our favorite Disney characters, and another woman was even able to alter her appearance to mimic each Kardashian, all by harnessing makeup’s magical morphing powers. So, it comes as no surprise that another woman would recreate a different celebrity’s iconic looks: Taylor Swift. Since

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12 Celebrities Who Don’t Age

Some women simply don’t physically age, and instead remain in a cozy bubble reliving their twenty-fifth year over and over again. (Despite how enviable that sounds, it does have a bit of a bleak Benjamin Button vibe to it, doesn’t it?) There’s no more common place to encounter this phenomenon in the wild than Hollywood, and it’s no

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Suffering From Hair Loss? 4 Styling Tricks to Know

Between alopecia, hormonal changes related to pregnancy or birth control, and just plain old stress, women make up 40 percent of hair-loss sufferers. The good news is that there are styling tricks you can use while you wait out any temporary losses—or you and your dermatologist search for a long-term solution. We asked hairstylist Mia Santiago of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger in New York City for her best tips.